Your events in Satakielikuukausi / Multilingual Month 2019

Satakielikuukausi / Multilingual Month celebrates and promotes multilingualism yearly between 21.2 and 21.3. Do you host or organize projects or events that you would like to include in the promotion of Satakielikuukausi?

If you want your event to be included in Satakielikuukausi’s communication, you can send the information listed below at the latest on 24.1.2019 to You can also share ideas or thoughts related to multilingualism with the hashtag #satakielikuukausi.

Satakielikuukausi collects events as an umbrella but every event organizer has to take care of the event promotion themselves. Satakielikuukausi is located in Finland. Multilingual Month can be celebrated everywhere in the world.

Additional information about Satakielikuukausi:

Information for the website of Satakielikuukausi

If you would like your event to be part of Satakielikuukausi communication, send the information asked for below by 24.1.2019 to


a picture related to each event

  • A picture that illustrates the content or idea of the event. An illustration or a clear, simple photo that works also in small size. Size and format: png or jpeg, horizontal if possible, size preferably min. 600 x 900 px
  • Please make sure that you have the right to publish the pictures. The event organizer has to take care of copyright issues.
  • the logo of the organiser, if you wish


  1. The title of the event as it will be published, in the languages that are relevant for the specific event.
  2.  A short description text, max 450 characters (per language) of the event or proposal, in relevant languages for the specific event, if possible.
  3. Link to the website, where you have the main event info. The updates should be done on your own site.
  4. Hashtag related to your event and organization if you wish
  5. Information about the entrance fee if there is one
  6. Info about the inscription practice if there is one
  7. Focus group: For whom the event is intended
  8. The languages that are used in the event
  9. Contact info of the person who can give additional information
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