Satakielikuukausi artikkelikuva

Edwina Goldstone

Edwina Goldstone is a British visual artist living and working in Finland. Her works encompass many disciplines, from sculptural installations to painting, drawing, lens based media, live art and socially engaged art projects. Informed by a cross-cultural background and by travelling/living in various countries; she explores the relationships between identity, memory and the geographical imagination, often starting with an archetypal image or object, to explore ideas bound up with memory and cultural recognition.


Visual language and getting lost in translation


Visual language is the language of showing.

The basics of visual language are common to all people, no matter their age, gender, race or culture. An image/picture can move from one community to another without it needing to be translated. It may need to be interpreted, but differences in interpretation are not the same as absolute changes, i.e., most languages need to be translated by substituting one word or phrase with another.

So although language defines and creates communities, it can also be responsible for creating divisions and rifts within communities.

There is always a loss of meaning when you translate from one language into another.



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