Luomista Paloma Valdivian kanssa / Skapande med Paloma Valdivia / Creating with Paloma Valdivia / Creando con Paloma Valdivia

Paloma Valdivia esittelee teoksiaan tapahuman mainoksessa.

21.2. – 21.3.2022, verkossa / online.

Paloma Valdivia is Ninho ry guest artist for Satakielikuukausi. She is a Chilean author and illustrator of children’s literature. Since she can’t come to Helsinki, she has prepared three videos to help families play and create together. All videos are inspired by her illustrated children’s books. In the first video, Paloma teaches us how to make a cardboard baby to lull. Based on the book “Duerme Negrito”. In the second, she asks us to build a mask to play the rabbit family. Based on her book “Us”. And in the third, she invites us to make a very curious and funny toy: a thaumatrope egg / bird. Based on her book “CRACK!”.

Three (3) online (YouTube) art workshops for children in the Spanish language with text-subtitles in English and Portuguese:

All of these Paloma Valdivia´s books are in Helmet Children’s Book Collection and can be borrowed through your local library.

Vapaa pääsy. Nauttikaa!

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